Classroom & BTW Sessions

Driving Resources

Registration Form

Registration Form needs to be printed, signed and returned on the 1st day of instruction. A $200.00 deposit also needs to be sent in prior to the first day of class. 

Teen Driving Resources

Operation Lifesaver: Rail Safety Education

Operation Lifesaver

Class D Road Test Study Guide

This study guide is provided by the Wisconsin DOT.

Feel free to print it for your reference.

Learn more about Young Driver Sponsorship

Learn more about Teen Driving

Find More Teen Driving Resources from the WI DMV

WI State Resources

ABATE of Wisconsin

ABATE of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association

Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association

Learn how to Become an Organ Donor

Schedule a Road Test

You should schedule your road test eleven weeks prior to your eligibility.

Wisconsin Motorists' Handbook

The Wisconsin Motorists' Handbook PDF (1.4 MB) gives you information on driving rules and practices to help you become a safe driver of a car or light truck (Class D license).

WI DMV - Supervised Driving Log

WI DOT - Law of the Month

View Acceptable Documents for Proof of Identity