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Classroom & BTW Sessions

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Classroom (30 Hr) and BTW 6 DR/6 OBS

This course combines both the classroom training and behind-the-wheel instruction.

Classroom (30 Hr) + 7 Hr BTW + 2 Hr OBS

This course includes 30 hours of classroom plus 7 hours of BTW (behind-the-wheel) with two of the BTW sessions being two hours of observation time. Feel free to call with any questions or concerns, (608) 547-9513.

Classroom (30 Hr) + 8 Hr BTW + 1 Hr OBS

This course includes 30 hours of classroom plus 8 hours BTW (Behind-The-Wheel) with one BTW session being one hour of observation time. Please call with any questions or concerns, (608) 547-9513 

Classroom (30 Hr) + 9 BTW no OBS

This course includes 30 hours of classroom plus 9 hours of BTW (Behind-The-Wheel) with no observation time. Please call with any questions or concerns, (608) 547-9513.

Behind-the-Wheel Only

Behind the Wheel fulfills the state required 12 hours of "in the car" instruction with a state-certified Driver Education Instructor. This includes both 6 hours of driving and 6 hours of observation. Behind the Wheel hours can only begin once a student has received a valid Instruction Permit from the DMV.

Need completion of classroom on school/commercial letterhead to enroll for this course.

Private Lesson

These one-on-one lessons help teens or adults become even better drivers. Private lessons consist of one-on-one BTW time with a state certified instructor. After the lesson is finished, the instructor will discuss the effectiveness of the lesson, and it will be determined if more lessons are needed or desired.

Class Room Training

The classroom session fulfills the state required 30 hours of "in the classroom driving instruction" for teens under the age of 18. Student must be 15 years of age by the first day of class. There are 15 sessions. Only 2 may be missed, but must be made up.

Adult Driving Lesson

In-car driving lessons for adults - both licensed and unlicensed. Every adult driver can benefit from a driving lesson with a certified, professional instructor, from drivers who have been driving safely for years to those who have recently had a driving accident or other behind-the-wheel scare. Learn new techniques for driving safely and valuable tips for complete vehicle control. With our driving lessons, every adult driver can be more comfortable and confident behind the wheel.

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